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Graduate follow-up is something that can no longer be ignored. Perhaps you, like many of your colleagues, are being pushed for more accountability. Our proven approach to the collection and reporting of this essential information is a cost effective way for your school to identify school improvement strategies, while remaining accountable to your constituencies. Further, the information you receive will greatly enhance your ability to properly analyze your curriculum and programs directly from your graduates' perspectives.

Graduate follow-up serves as an excellent public relations tool which provides tangible documentation of your graduates' success; while building trust with all stakeholders.

Our system, with a remarkable national average survey rate, provides this and much more...another major advantage to our programs is the ability to remain in contact with graduates FOR LIFE! This is accomplished through our unique 1-800-REUNION® program which carries an exceptional national address accuracy rate. This in itself is a great tool in the creation or enhancement of an Educational Foundation.


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